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Another One Done


Whew! Finally. My YA/paranormal novella, Storm Dwellers, is off for editing to Shawn Pfister.

This is only my second self-published book. I’m nervous. If you haven’t yet, check out my previous new adult novel,  Someday Always Comes,  available in paperback & Kindle on Amazon.com. Also, paperback is available at Createspace. I’m currently working on its sequel,  The Devil Plays Dice.

Now, to be sure on book cover design for Storm Dwellers. I think I have the needed elements included.  Now for the appropriate colors. How can one be sure? I should be able to seek out book design before mid September.

Yes. An on-time book release for October. Just before Halloween. I’m super excited for this short, fast-moving story. Stay tuned, all, for more information to come.

Thanks for reading.

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