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What’s Ahead…

There will be more excerpts from Chicago Down to come after the holidays.

How this book is coming together is very strange to me. Usually I write a book from beginning to end, then edit. I move something from one spot to the other, or switch chapters around, adding those personality tweaks or sparkling language.

But this one is not like that. I’m writing bits and pieces. It’s unusual for me to not just write from Point A to Point B. It could be because there is much research involved, giving me new ideas at every turn. I mean, who wouldn’t have to research Al Capone and the 1920s? But I also found that the main characters have a colorful background. And these things must be explained before they are brought together. They have to follow their paths. Weaving their way to one another.

Also, I’m eyeing early March to launch my actual author website. I’m excited for that. A website! Woot!

I know it’s a long time in coming, but I’m shooting November or December 2015 to release The Devil Plays Dice, which is the sequel to Someday Always Comes. It was published January 2013. I never expected it to take so long to write its sequel.  But, then again, it took me 10 years to edit and publish Someday Always Comes.  I wanted Someday to be as perfect as i could make it without a professional edit… I couldn’t afford that at the time. However,  I just knew it was time to put it out there no matter what. I am pleased with my efforts and grateful that  a few people read the book.  🙂

It’s time for Tess, Sweet, Brianna, & Kyle to make a comeback.

Thanks for reading.

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