Final Edits Complete – Someday Always Comes

Whew! I finally finished editing Someday Always Comes. I have a few minor changes to make but that won’t take too long.

I always save each chapter individually as I write so it’s easier to find things and edit instead of writing my books in one long, boring, scrolling document. So, with editing complete, creating the merged scrolling document is also complete, now I just have to convert to PDF for upload to the publishing site.

This has not been a fun experience. I never thought I’d see the damned end of it. I’m glad I just have to do some double-checking for grammatical errors and I can move on. Hunting down mistakes will be easy now that I’ve merged the chapters into one document. I hate nothing more than seeing “your” when it should be “you’re,” or “there” when it should be “their.” Ugh! And being a self-published author, I don’t want my readers to have to endure that nonsense either. Now if I can just get “into” and “in to” in order, we’d be fine.

That being said, I hope I don’t get my copy and read through it to find all sorts of crappy errors. Thank the gods for print on demand! I can change it in an instant if anyone finds mistakes. Please tell me if you read a copy and find any crazy errors.

I’ll let you all know the release date as soon as I do.

Thanks for your support!

Book Cover Finished

Well, it seems we have the book cover finished. Yippee! I am relieved, to say the least. And the book cover is wonderful and everything I hoped for…and then some. I hope to reveal it soon. This is definately so much fun. I can’t wait to do it again for the next book!

The book’s cover is designed by Melissa Stevens:

Back Cover – Someday Always Comes

Here is one of the tentative back cover descriptions for Someday Always Comes (women’s fiction, coming of age).


Updated 11/16/12

In a comprehensive narrative of courage, passion and forever friendship, sixteen year-old Tessa Price, an orphan with a broken heart, little trust and eyes on the future has one really big wish. That someday she could get out of the lives of her Aunt Kiki and Kiki’s abusive husband, Dino, or just die.

The difficult-to-impress Tessa spends her days theoretically saving everyone.  She is a heroine of an unlikely kind who denies her pain and regret by getting wrapped up in the troubles of others to forget her own.

With rock-star sized aspirations, Tessa seizes one moment in time and rolls the dice, taking her teenage friends on a life-changing journey, crashing and burning into someday. That road is wrought with grief and catastrophe and Tessa struggles to keep things together, while denying herself true love and ignoring her limitations until it’s too late.

As she watches her friends spiral to rock bottom, Tessa blames herself for their fall from grace. When the death of a loved one sends her reeling into substance abuse, Tessa, everyone’s champ, falls to her knees and becomes everything she hates. Even the life growing inside her seems unable deter her from a path of self destruction.

Can Tessa rise, once again, from the ashes? Moreover, will her champion wait for her with a genuine love forever?

Someday Always Comes Release

To my disappointment, Someday Always Comes will not make its first tentative release date by October 31, 2012. Due to illness in my family and some other issues, things have fallen behind. Also, there’s some matters concerning the cover. But all will work itself out. Be sure of that!

My First Blog Post

It’s just a test post, so don’t get excited.  😉

Really, I am excited to finally have this blog up and running. What great fun this will be. I have a short list of topics to blog about already. It may take me a bit to get started because I’m working diligently on my novel, Someday Always Comes, which will be published, hopefully, around Halloween.

Thanks for reading,