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Wanda S. Paryla was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised on a farm in Central Texas. At sixteen she returned to Chicago where she lived for several years before opting to go to college in Texas where she received a BA in sociology from Baylor University. With a life split between two states, and two very different worlds, Wanda’s emotional experiences transmit through her writing. Along life’s path, she’s met some very colorful people who have made various lasting impressions upon her which she relates through her work. Wanda’s poem, Haunting Memories, was published in the Vicious Spirits anthology in 2010. She is currently working to self publish her finished novel, Someday Always Comes. She resides in the Chicago area.

9 thoughts on “BIO

  1. Hi Wanda, thanks for visiting and liking my post “Stuck in a Rut”.
    A fur-friend named Ganymede eh? I have two fur-friends, feline male – Napoleon (as in Napoleon Solo) and a “giant killer dog” (toy poodle/King Charles spaniel cross) named Calliope-Jane aka Cally, who adores her fur-brother and tries to groom him despite the fact that he’s almost twice her size. You can read their story in the post “Just So’s You Remember — I’M the Boss”
    I look forward to exploring your blog 🙂


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, Lyn! I love animals. I wish I could afford a dog too. Love dogs. But alas, I can have only one sweetie at a time.


  3. Dear Wanda
    Many thanks to visiting my blog, liking, reblogging my post and even following me. I really appreciate it and feel so honored 🙂 Blessing to you!


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