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"Winter Home at Night" Painting by Tom Hoy From “Winter Home at Night”
Painting by Tom Hoy

what grows in the winter but the cold
pushes lengthening fingers of frost
along sidewalks and down dead-end streets
up the stairs into parlors no purpose
at hand but to freeze every clock and
with that put a stop to the end of the night

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Storm Dwellers

Hello my dear readers,
I am afraid that Storm Dwellers may not be ready as early in October as I had hoped. The script is back from the editor, & I’ve been working diligently.  Next thing I know, suddenly I decided that I might…only might,  mind you…make some changes having something to do with a future storyline. Not the next book, but the third in line.

Oh, how I hate when that happens. I sure wanted an October release.  Especially by Halloween. However,  I also know that a good story, one finished appropriately,  is better than one published while an author is unsure.

Please stay tuned while I wrestle with myself.

“Success” Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness…Your State of Mind Does

Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

Success (however you define it) isn’t going to guarantee happiness.

© Icefields | - Happiness Formula Photo © Icefields | – Happiness Formula Photo

I understand how lack of sales, lack of positive reviews, not winning an award, hateful email, and other things we deal with as writers can bring us down.  This is normal.  We’re in a roller coaster business.

But the opposite isn’t going to “finally make you happy”… at least not longterm.  You might get a boost from it.  There is a certain high in reaching a goal, especially if you did even better than the goal you set.  But the high doesn’t last.  It peaks and then fizzles.  The high, just like the lows, are like a roller coaster.  Often right after going through a couple days of a “wow, I did it!” high, I find I spend a day or two feeling down in the dumps–and there was nothing bad that…

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Wow! Check out the cover for my upcoming novel PERMANENT SPRING SHOWERS!

The Musings & Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard

Permanent Spring Showers

I’m  really excited to share with you today the cover for my new novel PERMANENT SPRING SHOWERS!

PERMANENT SPRING SHOWERS is being published by 5 Prince Books (you can find the page for the book here).

This really awesome cover was created by Daniel Phillips.  During the day Daniel is an audio/video engineer/editor based out of Arvada, CO with  a passion for filmmaking (especially documentaries) and loves print design.  He works at SCM Productions which is a full-service audio/video production studio (you can find them on the internet at I think his work perfectly captures the vibe of this little twisted book.

Over the next few months, I look forward to telling you more and more about my new novel!

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