FREE Writing Festival Contests: Poems, Loglines, 140 Characters

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Deadline for FREE POETRY Festival – Get your poem made into a MOVIE and seen by 1000s. Three options to submit:

WATCH this month’s poetry readings performed by professional actors:


Submit your 140 character story and have it made into a movie:

Watch the May 2015 Winning Videos (get your story made into a film):


Also, Free logline submissions. The Writing Festival network averages over 95,000 unique visitors a day. Submit your logline for any type of story or genre(s):

Great way to get your story out:


Submit your Film, Screenplay, Novel, Story, or Poem anytime to the festival today:

Watch recent Writing Festival Videos. At least 15 winning videos a month:

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Why You Will Probably Never Make A Living As An Author

Brandon R. Luffman

A long, meandering post wherein I grind your dreams under my boot heel – and then lift you back up, maybe.

That’s a pretty grim headline isn’t it? After all, so many of us are chasing just that exact dream: Quit the day job and spend all day following our imaginary friends around our fictional worlds – in between rounds of Candy Crush and Peggle, of course. Sitting in your underpants, swilling coffee and slinging words. What’s not to like?

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