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What I’m Reading Now

I’m currently reading the following books…

(Updated 5/28/17)

Ghost Bride (paperback), by Yangsze Choo

Reflection (Kindle), by Terri DelCampo


For Review:

*Nothing currently *

**FYI about how I review: Books read for review – whether requested or not – are intended to be reviewed for my blog. Therefore that exact review feeds to my Twitter (@Suzie_Paryla), then to my Facebook author & personal pages, & to Goodreads. I leave a review on Amazon, also recently, I started transferring the reviews to Book Blogs.

My reviews are usually in depth; they rarely contain spoilers, and they are not the usual small 2 – 3 paragraphs you may  see from other reviewers. My reviews are critiques and I will NOT rehash the book’s story. It’s my job to tell what I thought of the story, its characters and the format its written in and NOT to write a synopsis or description. People have already read the description or they would not be seeking reviews. So that’s it in a nutshell.**

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