An Ability I Wish I had?

Daily writing prompt
What’s a secret skill or ability you have or wish you had?

A daily writing prompt asked me to share a secret skill or ability that I have or wish I had. I don’t necessarily wish it to be secret if I had it, but I wish I could comfortably speak in front of large groups of people. I wish I could sing. I always wanted to sing. But I am not sure if singing would take precedent over my desire play the piano or guitar. The truth is, I know that I cannot sing, but I am not sure that I could not learn to play piano or guitar. I did pick a few chords on guitar in my tween years and teens, but dropped it. I sure wish I had kept up with it.

But, since I cannot stand to be in front of large crowds, maybe none of those skills would have done me much good. πŸ™‚