Throwback Thursday

And another for the season from around 1982. In my early life, as a horse lover, the Anheuser-Busch commercials brought goosebumps. Let’s face it, all their commercials are great!

Do I ever drink any Bud products, you ask? Why yes, yes of course. Did the commercials influence me in that choice? Maybe, maybe not. When I was an “underage” drinker (which I do not condone), I drank Miller Lite (we’re talking the ’80s here!). Now as an adult, I tend to drink Budweiser products. But still, maybe my choice is subliminally influenced by those old Clydesdale commercials.

Throwback Thursday

Befitting to the season…

I think this one’s from Christmas 1980! I loved Coca-cola holiday commercials. I have to admit, they’ve made some of the best over the years. This one brings back so many memories for me of quiet country Christmases and my step-father, Louis, trying to convince me that cows talked on Christmas Eve night around midnight.

It was the first Christmas I spent in Texas. I was in a new home, a new school, and I was more than a bit shy. Homesick, not really. Shy, yes. I had more warmth and security in my home with my mom and step-father than I ever had anywhere else and this commercial brings me back home to the early 80s when there was no cares in the world for me. Or so I remember it.

Back in those days, before Pepsi started burning up the market, a Coca-cola meant a Saturday or a holiday, a dinner out, or a special treat at a friend’s house. It’s something my mother didn’t buy to keep at home, but I loved it none-the-less.