Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors

Today’s post is inspired by an article I just read where four people gave their personal ten tips on writing in the “What you shouldn’t do” category:  (Note: This is an old post.  It dates back to 2009, but I still love it.)

I thought this was such a neat idea that I’d imitate them with a list of things I think writers should do.  Keep in mind these are my opinions.  Ultimately, you will have to decide what you want to do or not do.  

So here goes….

Here’s what I advise other writers to do…

1. Tell a good story.  Don’t sweat the need to make “beautiful language”.

No matter how sweet your prose is, if you don’t have a story that compels someone to turn the page, it’s a flop.  The problem is that writers are so hung up on “how” they write, they often neglect…

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