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Theme Change & Stuff

Ahoy there!

If you’re just stopping by my blog for the first time in a while, you’ll noticed that I’ve changed the theme. Yes, I got bored. I get bored easily, so you’ll probably be seeing these theme changes now and again.

I am hoping to have up an official author website before this year’s end. I said, hope, mind you. I’ve got so many things going on right now, that I can’t commit to building one just yet. And heaven knows, I cannot afford to pay someone else to build it. Besides, I’d rather do it myself for the time being. I’m selfish like that.

This particular blog is about nothing special, but to show off my new blog colors! 😉

I caught some sort of a cold bug, and between that and my allergies…I’m allergic to the whole damned place surrounding me…that I’ve been out of commission on and off for days. First I feel okay, then I have 3 sick days in a row. I can’t sleep at night. Ugh! Summer… Please! It’s there only time of year I have no allergies here in my area. I grew up in Texas, and even after being here 7 straight and miserable years, I can’t catch back up to healthy. Not to mention the weight I’ve gained. One of my doctors told me to go back to where I came from. Whaaat?

Okay, well, now that I’m back and feeling a little better after this 10-day battle with the “bug”, I hope I can get back to writing. It’s backed up like you wouldn’t believe.  I haven’t written a page nor a poem in days and days. Over on a site I’m a member of, Vicious Writers (I created a group there called Poets Pub), I have up a poetry challenge… April’s National Poetry Month. Did you not know? The challenge is to write a poem every day in April, or to make April the one month this year when members write the most poetry… Or, the biggie…write something challenging like a Sestina, a Ballad or even an Epic.

Come check out Vicious Writers. The group has been around in one form or another (& was a part of the former Key Publications Network) for many, many years, then it sort of became scattered. But, lucky for us, it’s being rejuvenated and we’d love serious writers and poets of all types to join us. You don’t have to be published. Join us for writing support or for help of any kind regarding your work. Anything posted on the site is safe. Indie and new writers are urged to join. Tell them that I sent you.

Vicious Writers: http://www.viciouswriters.net/


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