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The Whistleblower…Or Blowhard?

…What a crock of crap.

It bothers me that some organizations that I support for various reasons are hailing this guy, Snowden, as a hero. I don’t think he’s a hero. There is a reason some things have to be classified. Some organizations are just hailing this guy a hero because he attempted to step on the US government, or hail a red flag. That’s why he’s a hero? Go join the Navy Seals, asshat. The citizens of this land have not gained anything from what Snowden’s done.

I find it odd how many citizens of the USA think they have to know everything the government’s up to. Um…okay. Yes, let’s let the government come on TV every night and announce what they’ve done all day. There’s a reason things are top secret… duh.

Has anyone given one thought to the fact that Snowden could’ve started WW3?…Yes, war…and among people who already know that other people are listening in. (I love the way China acts so innocent.) Yeah, we’re not all stupid here in the USA. And war with other governments not so friendly to the US could now be looming. Where will all the whistle blowing heroes hide when missiles are heading our way? I don’t care if the government wants to listen to my conversations or those of my neighbors. What do you people have to hide? We can’t feed starving kids or stamp out animal and child abuse, but we should give a damn about Snowden’s mission? I do not.

But I do care that someone decided to tell other governments that the US govt. might listen to their conversations. What that does is set us up for problems with other governments who are doing the same damned things. Why is the USA the only one who can’t listen to conversations of the Chinese? I assure you, all Simpletons, that Japan is monitoring China (who wouldn’t), and China is listening to Russia, Russia’s listening to Germany, Germany’s listening to Iran, and North Korea & South Korea couldn’t sleep at night if the last words they heard or read weren’t from each other. Tell me, if you were living in S. Korea, wouldn’t you want to know what N. Korea is up to? So why is it only the USA is the bad guy? Okay, let’s start WW3 because I don’t want the government listening to my Verizon calls…or to the PM of Britain saying good night to someone. *Yawn*

What the upside of the US government listening to others calls or monitoring the Net is…well, we might learn about a nuclear missile heading right this way before radar grabs it. Oh…duh. And I could go on, but why bother. Well, there’s those terrorists. It was okay for the government to watch those Boston bombers, wasn’t it? I guess we only need the government spying when we think it’s okay. Well, how about that whistle blower joining the army or navy or something?

Okay, then he wanted his identity kept secret, now he doesn’t care. Whaatt? This man isn’t a hero, he could well be just another man in a theater with a gun. He didn’t set out to help you, American citizens…he set out to F the US government and gain fame without even thinking of the consequences. No, not the consequences of getting caught…but how he’s put this nation at risk. I say that Japan needs to send him home. He doesn’t mind going to jail for this. He probably wouldn’t even mind a death sentence. Wow…let me go out among the stars in history because I got bored of my big salary and great health insurance.

Next, I might add, you know, I’m not a total fan of the US government. But I am certainly not a fan of other governments either… Especially ones that capture you, hold you prisoner in bamboo cages and stick bamboo shoots under your fingernails as punishment. Yes…that’s a true story reiterated from a Korean war veteran.

Please…this isn’t anything like Wikileaks. Or whatever that was. I think what Snowden has done is wrong and has put our nation at risk as the bad guy. Well, we’re only protecting ourselves from the other bad guys of the world. And it bothers me when any other country steps forward and acts like they’re so insulted by the things this Snowden is leaking to the…to the…dare I say, enemy? Yes, the world is still at war.

So, should he be tried for treason? Eh, whatever. I don’t think he’s a patriot. No, we should never totally turn our backs on our governments…and especially not other governments. But we can’t just think they have to run around announcing their every move to foreign lands. That would be detrimental to our people who live in those lands or our military bases there. No, Snowden is out for fame and I certainly hope he found it at the risk of every other poor can’t-find-a-job-to-feed-my-family citizen out there. Trust me…Snowden did not do this for all you inner-city kids. He did this for himself.

But hey…CIA. I need a job and if you train me, I’m sure I can be just as good at my new job as Snowden was at his job, but alas, I won’t leak documents and info to the public that could cause WW3. You guys do have health insurance, right? I could use that as I just spent 2 days in the ER and one overnight hospital stay without insurance. Oh, by the way… I have no way to pay for that. I wonder if Snowden can give me a loan?

Here’s the thing…What Snowden did will not help me pay for food, or my electric bill, car insurance, or pay my hospital bills. He did nothing for me but maybe cause a war…to make the poor poorer. There’s a difference between leaking news one can use, and leaking things that could start wars. Aren’t we tired of war already?

I figure a lot of people won’t agree with me. But I don’t care. Who benefits from what Snowden did? Not me. Not you reading this. No one but hostile governments and terrorists.

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