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Legacy of Dreams

Legends of Windemere

I write of legends
Kicking off the Age of Heroes
Followed by one left behind
Vampires rule the night
Slumberlords and hero thieves
A continent has been found
War between the fallen ones
While children hunt for long lost gods
Hunters of monsters and slayers of wraiths
Two seek the abandoned throne
Lost angels and half-demons
Blood no longer on his hands
Protectors of the psychic child
Awoken when sealed heroes rise again
Tales of gods and warriors
Until the Great Cataclysm struck
Changing Windemere to present day
Ancient secrets held by a lonely man
Cocky warriors bond within their schools
A zombie seeks her life’s goal
Robots, spies, and fairies
Altered mercs and soulless beasts
An abandoned child among the stars
All leading to the final hour
Where hero faces the maddest villain
This is my legacy
The stories I strive to tell
Before I sleep eternal
And enter…

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