Update – Books I’m Currently Reading for Review

I’m currently reading these and will review them shortly:

-Kydona: From Ashes, (the sequel to Kydona) by T.K. Krug III (finished – review will be up in a few days!)

-This Love, by Nazarea Andrews


After I review the above books I’ll start on:

-Finding Pride, by Jill Sanders

Updated My Upcoming Events Page

Just FYI, I’ve just updated my Upcoming Events page here on WordPress.

Take a look. I have a blog interview in September with author/blogger, Leti Del Mar, and there are a couple links there to prior interviews: one with author/blogger, Jill Sanders (of The Pride Series), and another with author/blogger, Blaze McRob, on his Tales of Horror blog.

Thanks for reading!!

The Madness of Writing Despair

I have halfway fallen in the clutches of writing despair. It’s only halfway because I have When Stars Rise that I can work on, and it’s already been halfway written anyway so all I’m really doing is editing/re-writing. But I got back to When Heaven Was Blue, and while I like the direction of the plot itself, my gut is seriously telling me that the story is missing something, but I can’t even tell what it is, and I’m supposed to be gifted in the art of knowing exactly what is wrong with my story and what I can do to fix it. I was able to do it with When Stars Die, so why can’t I do it with WHWB? I don’t know, but maybe it’s because I have very high expectations for this book and want it to surpass WSD by a longshot. image

But I got back to WHWB…

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