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Promises Are Meant To Be Broken…


…So said a mother to her 13 year-old daughter.

Is that honestly what some people believe? I mean, really, really believe? Is that what I want that 13 year old to think? To believe?

In the aftermath of my deep Thanksgiving reflections and in the wake of the upcoming winter holidays… No. No it’s not what I want any child to think, because it’s wrong and negative thinking. And it is for her that I write this blog. For her and for kids everywhere that are let down, lied to in order to be pacified by their parents’ or guardians’ and others they look up to.

Let me scream it to the heavens…PROMISES ARE NOT MEANT TO BE BROKEN. And no one – except someone with ill and bad intentions, a liar – would ever make a promise with the intention of not keeping it.

Sure, we all make promises that we sometimes can’t follow through on because of some circumstance out of our control. Or, perhaps we might forget we made the promise if some time has passed. Regardless, no promise should ever be broken deliberately.

If one pledges to help a friend, or to always be there for that friend or relative…they should be come hell or high water. And if they can’t, and it’s one of those ill circumstance situations, I believe an apology or explanation is in order. In other words, if we make a promise and we cannot keep it, tell the person to whom we made the promise of our problem or the reason why we cannot, will not, or did not keep that promise. Just don’t blow them off and hope they’ll forgive you.

I am typing this because this recently happened to me. I felt I was lied to and let down. And it’s sad it was by that same person who said promises are meant to be broken. What a sad individual. The person didn’t bother to try to rectify the situation in any light at all. Just blew me off like I don’t mean anything, yet, now I’m expected to do favors. It’s sad. Very sad that that is the very same person who told this child that promises are meant to be broken. No…no they are not.

Hell has a special place for oath breakers and people who intentionally make promises they do not plan to keep.

So what do my blog readers think about this? Please chime in.



4 thoughts on “Promises Are Meant To Be Broken…

  1. Hi D.G. I’m telling you… Sometimes people baffle me with the things they say. The person who said that is a product of her environment. But you’d think she’d make an effort to change since she knows what’s right and wrong. I just don’t understand her.


  2. I am definitely with Laurie! And if I ever knew a person who promised something and responded with ‘promises are made to be broken’, I couldn’t be around such a person who has those beliefs or negativity. I’m with Laurie, take a walk! 🙂


  3. Promises are NOT meant to be broken. However some relationships ties are.

    If you’re in a relationships that does not respect boundaries (clearly this person overstepped the one you had in place); if you’re in an unhealthy relationship (where the other person is not positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing), then it’s time to cut the ties — familial, or otherwise.


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