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Daniel Beers ‘The Last House’ Review

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Myra Gabor

Bryan and Julie Dylan are a married couple who are not speaking to each other. Julie gave birth to a stillborn child and Bryan is convinced the baby wasn’t his. Julie knows it wasn’t. Bryan gets even by cheating on her. They can’t seem to get past what Julie thinks of as The Incident. They only things they have in common anymore are the bills and the apartment.

When their realtor calls with an amazing house at an amazing price that they can actually afford, they decide that this could be the restart of their marriage.

Instead of the realtor, a neighbor meets them to give them the house key. He seems inordinately happy that they intend to move in. The house is perfectly maintained, inside, as well as out. They explore and everything they see convinces them that this is the house for them.


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