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Richard Johnson ‘Dead Drunk’ Review

My zombie book-loving friends: here’s a new one for you! Sounds like a good read.

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Mack Moyer

Dead Drunk gives us something the zombie genre severely lacks: Fun.

Whereas the characters in The Walking Dead get all sullen and existential when they run low on food, the degenerates in Richard Johnson’s novel say fuck it, let’s pound beers and eat cat food.

Sadly, for me and my friends, this is a very real possibility with or without the apocalypse.

Charlie is their de facto leader. He’s substitute teacher who sets the tone at the beginning of the novel when, like the petty drunk he is, he purposely fails a first grader for pissing him off while sipping on a rum and coke.

My kind of guy.

The rest of the cast consists of a racist cop, a pervert, a foreigner, everybody’s hated white trash conservative uncle, a closeted gay guy who endures homophobic slurs from his buddies (until they find out he really…

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