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What I Did for Love…. of Drugs

Dogpaddling Through Life

There are people in my life that I love, and there were some men in my life that I really loved…. IF ya know what I mean.

But I have never loved anyone as much as a drug addict loves drugs. To an addict, the drug is more important than anyone or anything else in their life.

If the cops show up at my door, the first thing I think is, “What the fuck?” But the first thing an addict thinks about is what do with the drugs. Hide them? Use them? Flush them?

Addicts go around taking pictures of your shit, then text them to their dealer and ask how much in drugs they get for it. If the price is right, they’ll steal your shit. If not, they may steal your shit anyway and pawn it.

Addicts justify their behavior in ways that can only make sense to another addict…

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