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Your Writing is not Your Trash

4am Writer

This is a follow-up post to What do you do with your stories when you’re not feeling it?, which I wrote because I think that far too many people judge their work too soon or too unfairly.

When I finally stopped throwing away my writing, something strange brewed inside me.

don't throw away your writing, dangerous path that can lead to quitting image courtesy of continentalcarbonic.com


Now, I am less fearful when I approach the page. I am more of a risk-taker when it comes to writing stories, articles, even blog posts. If I don’t like what I wrote, it’s not the end of my journey, and I can store it for a rainy day.

I think that throwing my work away gave me the subconscious message that I am a failure, that I’m basically killing trees and wasting ink for a no-good, nothing, nowhere dream.

Now that I  simply tuck away something that isn’t working, like down comforters in the…

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