Blessed Independence Day, U.S.A! What Is That Anyway?

each other

…Oh! It’s the Fourth of July. Let us know and share with our children, and those new to this land, the truth and the history of this day and how it started and why it stands. (I’ve included some interesting links at the end of this blog post.)


Another 4th of July celebration is upon us. Just remember, this is Independence Day…not just July 4th or 4th of July, or Fourth of July, etc. Remember in your hearts and prayers the men and women who gave their lives or livelihoods for us…and most importantly remember their families on this day.

Only after honoring them should we then celebrate our freedom. Not just over the years, but freedom from the initial hand that held us tightly… The caption under the below photo read something like: Shot in the head. Died on a lonely plain. I wonder what became of his family and if they ever got his body home.


old 4th

And we should bow our heads to, and thank them all so that we are free to display our pride. May the Eagle soar, and the most beautiful flag of any country on this Earth continue to fly, waving to all those that have given a life-gone-by.


I am grateful that my country, at this time, gives me the freedoms to do and say the things I want to, and often the things I should not. Despite the sometimes bigotry of my fellow Americans, I am free to practice my spiritual practices and the religion of my choosing. I can write books and stories about ghosts, tyrants, heroes, and even bash the government if it has done something I don’t like. I can work any job of my choosing that will hire me. I know I’ve said these things before. But I know or have encountered people who live(d) in other countries and I know what I have here. I am a proud and grateful U.S citizen. I am getting old and fat, but I would take up arms to defend this country today, just as I would have 20 years ago. I am not afraid to die for what I believe in. Whether that be my country or my religion, or my family.

My father, Walter, came here from Poland after WWII. The atrocities he saw at 16 as a soldier are something I can’t even imagine. Thanks to him, I am a first-generation Polish-American…a title I carry with pride. He taught me to appreciate simpler things like the fact that I can read, and the quiet and plenty in my life. He stoned me with his belief that one should only claim rewards and accolades if they worked for them. My mother, Edna, is from West Virginia. She grew up high in the mountains, poor and with nothing. During WWII, her mother fed them on “ration stamps”. She has given me the appreciation of saving money…and to be thankful for where that money comes from. My step-father, Louis, was a good man. He, like my father, was a WWII vet. He grew up in rural Texas and went into the military just in time. He taught me appreciation for the land and the animals from where our food comes. Thanks to him, I came to understand that there is something to love about where you are whether you like that place or not.

When I was in my early 20s, I met a Korean War veteran. He told me about some of the things that happened to him there as a POW. Really, I never thought another human being would stick bamboo shoots under the fingernails of another human just for fun. That alone is enough to make me want to punch walls…or vomit.

I respect a government that respects the human rights of non-Christians, non-heterosexuals, and non-Caucasians. Despite what our individual opinions are, our federal government says we all have rights. Now, if we all as individuals would respect that…we’d be better off. Here’s to freedom of speech, right to bear arms, the right to a religion of our choosing, the right to be homosexual…gay, lesbian, and any other title under the rainbow. I believe in the right of marriage equality and I am grateful to see state after state becoming tolerant of that, if not outright accepting. Here’s to the right to read a book, here’s to the right to drink beer, and the right to laugh out loud or talk to ourselves in public. Here’s to the rights of those who join employment unions and to those who hate unions…it’s our choice. And here’s to my right to express how much I do not like that Communist dick-tator,Vladimir Putin, and how badly I want his tyrant ass to leave Ukraine be. And, as U.S.-born citizen, I have the right to type here that I wish that if President Obama must be militarily involved any further world affairs, whether that be in an advisory or a military operational capacity, I wish he would stay out of Iraq…and go to Ukraine instead. *I pray for them.*

Now, for one day, let us quiet our dogmas and ring that damned Liberty Bell!

liberty bell

I will be forever sad for those who must go on without their loved ones who lost lives supporting the American way. And I thank them…I thank you. Whether those people fought in the American Revolution, or if they just came home, silent, from Iraq or Afghanistan. All these people, over several generations, have earned and maintained for me the resources to be happy. And on any given day, if I’ve had a bad day, or am having several bad years in a row; if I am ecstatic over a new job or if I’ve just bought a new pair of shoes…I am experiencing all of this because I worked for it with the help of those who bought American resources for me with their lives or health. Now, I long to see one more freedom…the rights of our military personnel and their families to be paid a wage becoming of what they do and what they give. For the health care of our military personnel to be above that of everyone else…excepting children…even before that of the any American president or congressperson. I want them to have adequate living quarters when they leave the military; they should have good pensions and not have to work at minimum wage jobs after fighting in a desert full of people who hate them and only looked to them as target practice. Really? These simple, simple things are a human right of any person that serves in a war for their country.

american soldiers

I have never been to any war. Yet, I cannot say that I will never see a war on my American soil. But I have trust in those who serve and protect and not just our military, but to police officers and firefighters and anyone else whose life at stake due to a job they do. It saddens me every day when I hear of a fire fighter losing his life trying to save someone who would not throw a penny at him for the job. I am heartbroken at the news of another police officer losing life to a thug who thought it was his right to rob, steal, batter or kill another because he felt like it or wanted the person’s cell phone. No, murder is one right we do not have, lest it is…in my opinion, to defend our own. We have no rights to murder another for the hell of it and to attempt to take what he worked for. This is not our right. This is no one’s right. And I appreciate the fact that there are people out there who are willing to defend my rights against that of some low-life thug who wants to poison our children with dope, or steal my car, or force women and children…even animals…to do things against their wills. Yes, they all get paid. Our taxes pay their salaries, but their taxes also pay their salaries. We do not own the police force, so shut your traps. So for those who believe we solely pay them to do a job: We do not pay them to die. Unfortunately, that is a misunderstanding regarding police officers, fire fighters, and military personnel world wide. So no matter where you live, respect these men and women, or never dare to call their name the day you need them. That would be a cowardly thing. If we are so brave…then let us shut our mealy mouths and go do their jobs. What?

Below photos regarding slain Chicago police officer, Clifton Lewis who was killed by a sorry human being.

chicago police car

chicago officer

This year, I have much to be grateful for on Independence Day. I have a new job. A job that I feel too inferior to have. But thanks to some military person in history, Illinois exists today, and I work for it and it’s citizens. Despite I have huge bills to pay, I am blessed. I am glad to be alive to have bills.

Also, go shake the hand of your American brothers and sisters in brotherhood. Welcome those legally new this land who work hard and pay taxes and wave our flag in front of their homes. If they worked for it, they own it.

If you see a member of our military today, shake their hand. Bring an apple pie over to the children of a military person who is far away. Say a friendly hello to a police officer instead of treating them with disrespect. And mostly, remember to say a prayer for our government tonight before you close your eyes to sleep.

Some people in other countries may think that U.S. Americans are the craziest asshats on the planet. But who cares? (Actually, they need to stop watching Girls Gone Wild in their spare time!) I mean, really, after all, the British are the ones who sent all the lunatics and criminals here early on. What did they expect?… Anyway… *cough* They’re just jealous that we have national parks, the state of Texas, a large Amish population, Jesse Jackson, Toby Keith, Harley Davidson, and the secret recipe to the Tootsie Roll. And guess what, World!, we’re keeping ALL that stuff. Yes, even Jesse.

Now that the serious reflection is over…let us go eat cakes decorated like the U.S. flag (as that’s the only proper way to eat a U.S. flag…otherwise one should not eat the flag.); let’s eat our American fare: cheeseburgers off the grill, barbecue ribs, macaroni and cheese, and of course, S’mores which are made using the “great American Chocolate bar” by Hershey. Let us chug down Cokes or Pepsis, lemonade and beer, and plenty of water – it’s only Lake Michigan for me.

Happy 4th of July, you fun-loving, Harley riding, flag waving…happy-just-for-the-day, mean-ass Americans (and all of you in-the-process-of-becoming-an-American mean-ass Americans)!… πŸ˜‰ I salute you, you gluttonous, littering, foul-mouth hooligan feigning-no-respect peoples of the USA.

May your God bless your hard-candied, soft-at-the-center hearts. I know you’re soft…I know you like to stick together in reality. I saw it happen when the Twin Towers fell, when New Orleans and later the East Coast were destroyed by water and wind; when the Boston Marathon was hijacked by two bags full of trash, and 20+ five-year-old children were gunned down by a coward. We do like each other. At least a little bit. And if we don’t, there’s always several versions of an old adage similar to: Fuck with mine and I’ll fuck with you. We might burn each others houses downs, but let some ass wipe try to come to our land and burn us down… Do not get us started, right America? We don’t want to have to put a “boot in your ass; it’s the American way.”

Happy birthday, U.S.A! You bunch of lazy asshats! πŸ˜‰ *hugs*


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Independence Day – Let Us Remember the Forgotten



Today is July 4th. It’s hard for me to believe that some Americans don’t realize that July 4th is just a date on calendars worldwide. Today is July 4th in Russia, in Poland, England, Maine, California, and as well in Korea. There’s a July 4th in Tunisia and somewhere in Congo. There’s one Down Under, and all over New Zealand.

Today, is July 4th…but that is not the official or politically correct term… Frankly I don’t like it. Today is Independence Day in the United States of America. On July 4th, 1776, our determined ancestors declared our independence from Great Britain and adopted the Declaration of Independence. And that means a lot to me, and those people who don’t like this country, but live here, should move on. Remember, while a government “thinks” it IS a country…it is the people who make the country. Those who work for it, build it, die for it. Anyone who does not wish to support this country, in my not-so-humble opinion (as most of you know me for) can just get the hell out.

But this blog is not for bashing anti-American imbeciles, it’s for bringing the attention of the American people, our citizens and resident patriots, back to exactly what Independence Day is all about.

Our military personnel worldwide that have put their lives on the line is how our Independence Day has been able to continue for 237 years. Yes, Peeps, 237 years. And if you see a military finest today, you should thank them and shake their hands. You owe that to them. This is NOT July 4th… a day to get drunk, piss off your neighbors and start house and brush fires with illegal firecrackers.

Very few of my neighbors and peers know a lot about “July 4th” or “July Fourth”. How many times I long to here the words Independence Day come through their lips. I long for it!!

Yes, our military has kept these shores safe, and have gone overseas to join in world wars for our sake, or to help out an ally and as we’ve been told, to stamp out oppression.

But why is it we forget those who died in the Revolutionary War? Those families who suffered early on when their husbands and sons did not come home, and they never saw their dead bodies. Let’s face it, without those brave men (as soldiers were only males back then, although I’m sure some women and children died in the midst) we would not have had the opportunity much later to unite the states (Civil War) we now call the United States of America. And by the way, we should remember those Civil War heroes and victims as well.

On this day, let’s not forget who brought us here. Men braver than brave who fought bare footed in the dead of the north-eastern winters. They fought and shed blood right here on this land, fighting and dying for our freedom from the British Crown. Before we cook the kids their grilled hotdogs and fill up the kiddie pool, or run off to the lakefront to look at lovely (and controlled) fireworks displays…before we start drinking alcohol and engaging in family arguments, before we put another steak on the grill and start burning down crap with illegal fireworks, bow your heads for just 5 seconds to thank the souls of those men that started dying back in 1775 at the start of the American Revolutionary War (also called the American War of Independence), today most of us U.S. Americans simply call it the Revolutionary War (1775-1783), that started 238 years ago. These men were outstanding in bravery and their sacrifices need to be recalled and remembered and most importantly…honored.

Without these valiant spirits, dead for well over 200 years, we might still be governed by our mother country. Sure maybe revolution would have come at some point; or maybe it would not have once we allowed ourselves to live under the thumb of some other place. Hey, this happens all over the world. Even the U.S. does it. It did it when we forced the Hawaiian queen to give up her crown. Oh!…Wait, not all Americans know about that. And there are other places that have been conquered too and live under our thumb or the hand over some other superpower nation.

However, we can only speak of our own history, here on our part of the American continent on this day. For when it comes to celebrating a date of independence for any country, the focus should be on their own people and place. And our people started with those who died for revolution. Died for people who would come over 200 years later…People they’d never know.

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, U.S.A. … My favorite place on the planet.

Please take a look at this video: