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Come Play With Me!

Haha… Gotcha!

So here’s a game for readers and writers.

What do you (or a writer in general) need in order to write? Maybe it’s something specific that you personally need while writing, or to get you started.

Also, list what might be a general need that all writers have. The “things” don’t even actually have to be an item, maybe it’s a ritual. You don’t have to be a writer to play. My understanding is that readers often wonder about their favorite authors, so here’s your chance to voice your thoughts.

List three(3)  things…

Here are just some of the things I personally need/do:

1.      I have to gather everything I’ll need so I don’t have to get up…which can cause me to procrastinate. So I grab a drink, a snack, and shut off my cell phone.

2.      I have to have pens nearby so that I can thoughtfully tap them to my forehead while thinking.

3.      I have to have a notepad to jot down notes.

Leave a comment listing three things some writers might say they can’t write without, or without doing. I’m anxious to see what you all come up with!

4 thoughts on “Come Play With Me!

  1. Here are 3 more things I like while writing:
    1. I like to have peppermint candy nearby to eat while writing.
    2. I have a statue of Shaggy & Scooby Doo that I have to have on my desk while typing. It was a topper on my birthday cake years ago and I love Scooby. I think it brings me luck. When I move, it’s one of the last things packed & one of the first things unpacked.
    3. I usually keep Advil within reach. (No explanation needed, I’m sure!)


  2. Oooh! I love it! Here’s mine:

    1. I must have a pencil. Not just any, mind you–it must be a #2 .5 mm (fine point) mechanical. Ideally it will have a built-in cushy part for the fingers. I keep the refillable leads nearby (usually).
    2. A proper notebook. There are times (like in the middle of the night when that great idea comes out) that any pad will do if I can’t get to a favorite, but I do have certain kinds that I like. I need to do a photo post of all my “idea” notebooks. I also do most first drafts on pencil and paper, so it is quite the collection 🙂
    3. My space. And I don’t mean that website. My space is a TV table in the corner of the living room with the laptop on it. Behind me is a bookshelf and next to me is one of the many speakers that occupy our home; on top of it (it’s on it’s side and is about four foot in height/length) is a number of notebooks (see #2 above) so when I get the urge to update my Scribophile I have all the stories right here.

    And here’s a couple of bonuses:
    4. Technology! I must have my mobile, the laptop, and my tablet. I can use all three for research while I type. I also must have the television on since I can’t work in silence. I also sometimes have music streaming.
    5. Creatures. We have two cats, two dogs, and various humans. I enjoy having them all around when I write. My dear husband Christopher is a perfect sounding board (read: victim) because I can shout for him to come and listen to my latest epiphany.


    • AR,
      Thanks for sharing. LOL! You are about as bad as me. I have to have papers all around. Although I do prefer quiet when I write…it’s just the quiet from being bothered by my people. I like music when I write, noises from the neighborhood are okay, and also if I’m in a Starbucks or something…it helps me think.


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