Come Play With Me!

Haha… Gotcha!

So here’s a game for readers and writers.

What do you (or a writer in general) need in order to write? Maybe it’s something specific that you personally need while writing, or to get you started.

Also, list what might be a general need that all writers have. The “things” don’t even actually have to be an item, maybe it’s a ritual. You don’t have to be a writer to play. My understanding is that readers often wonder about their favorite authors, so here’s your chance to voice your thoughts.

List three(3)  things…

Here are just some of the things I personally need/do:

1.      I have to gather everything I’ll need so I don’t have to get up…which can cause me to procrastinate. So I grab a drink, a snack, and shut off my cell phone.

2.      I have to have pens nearby so that I can thoughtfully tap them to my forehead while thinking.

3.      I have to have a notepad to jot down notes.

Leave a comment listing three things some writers might say they can’t write without, or without doing. I’m anxious to see what you all come up with!