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Happy Thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving

Here’s wishing all my blog readers, fans, supporters, family and friends a wonderful Thanksgiving. Remember to thank the spirits of the food you consume on Thanksgiving – whether it be of animal or plant. Without them, we would not survive.

Let’s look back; take note. We should be thankful for not only the good things that have happened to us since last Thanksgiving, but also be reflective and mindful of the lessons left behind by the not-so-nice experiences we were met with.

We all have to endure things, circumstances, situations, that we do not like; that are hard on us and those we love. The only thing we can do is grin and bear it. The truth is, we all have a story and we should try to be more tolerant of one another. If you have a problem, someone else probably has one worse or more traumatic. As humans, it seems we’ve lost our empathy; our sympathy. We are fast becoming a cold nation, one of emotional deadbeats. But we have to rise above these urges to not care. We must! For the sake of our home, our planet and everything else upon it.

My Thanksgiving wish is for people to stop killing each other in the streets for no apparent reason. This is ridiculous behavior and does not make us “big men.” It’s simple to shoot down unarmed people for no reason. Let’s pray for the safety, health and well being of our young, and for humane treatment of animals. May we wake up soon and realize that we must work to protect our planet. We should not sit back and think “I don’t have to worry about global warming or “fracking” (fill in the blank with any earth-destroying topic), I’ll be dead before we see the sad outcome.” Really? That’s what I thought back in 1989. I’ve seen it already.

When I light my Thanksgiving candle, I will entreat to my gods, and the spirit of the Earth, for the children so they may hold steadfast against crack, meth, cocaine, and little pills with odd names…among other things. May they stand tall against bullies who hate themselves really, and not those they tease and pick on. I mean…my grandmother once said, “The way a woman keeps her house is how she keeps her soul.” What she meant is that how a woman tends to her physical home and her home life is reflective of her soul. This goes for bullies too. How they are treating another is a mirrored image of their damaged soul. We should contemplate peace so that all children will have no need to hate…and that what ever is being said or done to them to cause them to mistreat another child for a no good reason will be resolved.

Light a candle with me and impose your wishes on the universe. But, I hope those wishes be not for yourself, but for another. And if you do not pray to any god, then please keep pleasant thoughts about the world on this Thanksgiving day so that positive energy may encircle the globe.

Have a blessed & genuine Thanksgiving, my friends.

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