Haunted, Poisoned Doughnut

I don’t believe I’ve shared this one previously. After writing this, I wrote a short story based on the same theme called, The Doughnut Murders. It’s a tad over 14,000 words, or I’d post it here on the blog. Of course, if anyone would enjoy reading it, just let me know and I can post it later this week. I figured this is a good Halloween-themed poem.  😉





Oh haunted, poisoned doughnut
You have found me at last.
You first went through all my friends
One by one by one
Until there were none

First you started with dizzy Fizzy
Oh how she was such a thin-lizzy
Prim and proper
And such a show stopper

Next there was business woman, Rita,
Who acted like such a Lolita
With her red stripper heels
And all those scandalous deals

Third there was Rose
Who thought she was so good at writing prose
Turns out it was her husband
Who wrote all those

One by one by one
You poisoned them
Then caught me in the end
I should have known better

Than to eat a doughnut
That appeared out of nowhere
And moved around from here to there
When there was no one else near

It was Vickie
Who killed us
Out of some sort of revenge
Just because we poisoned her

With a doughnut so round
We killed her dead
By a doughnut
Riddled with arsenic

Put up with her
We did
Until we could no longer
Stand her

Though our finicky
Friend Vickie
Did seek out revenge
Testing our strength

Against a doughnut
Sound round
With icing glistening
Sweetly sugared orb so fine

She stole our husbands
Then our boyfriends
Even our children
Seemed her to defend

We got tired of her wicked games
So we poisoned her with a sweet eat
And OMG! It was so neat
When she ate that poisoned doughnut

Then fell head over feet
Onto the floor of my very home
Throw her in a bag did we
And deliver her to a watery new home

But alas did she get her payback
By placing one lone doughnut in a Dunkin Donuts sack
And placing it ‘round the house
When to eat, there was nothing else ‘round about.

Copyright 2014 Wanda S. Paryla

Halloween Party




Goblins, ghouls, ghosts and vampires

All dressed up in their party attire

Daring mortals to come out and play

Taunting us onward ‘til the break of day


They hide in the shadows of Halloween night

And slip in and out of the glow of Halloween lights

They follow us then, trying to frighten mortals

And when we dare a peek, they vanish into portals


It was Halloween night and a little chilly

I was dressed in a costume and felt so silly

Going to a party dressed like a mouse

Assured to be laughed at by all in the house


I went to the address listed on the invitation

Scared out of my wits, afraid for my preservation

The yard was scary and full of mummies

And gigantic black spiders looking for yummies


I saw a zombie peeking out from behind a tree

And another bound in chains, moaning to be free

I saw a vampire with a glowing white face

Woe is me, I was becoming a basket case


Scurrying along the path to the front door

I witnessed all sorts of blood and gore

There were crying crows and screeching witches

And a couple of hands sticking up from ditches


And from somewhere in the distance

I heard a girl screaming with resistance

Walk I did as briskly as able

My feet moving, yet I felt unstable

I spotted a graveyard far off to the right

I felt my throat dry up and get tight

As I tried to swallow down my fright

I kept the dimly lit porch in my sight


 I hurried along this scary path to the door

And finally came upon steps adorned by gargoyles galore

I climbed the stairs, stepping ‘round florescent-green slime

Unlike anything I’d ever seen before this time


When I climbed to the top of the stairs

To my left was a skeleton with absolutely no hair

He was holding a bowl of eyeballs of brown and blue

And from where he got them, I had no clue


On my right there was a witch dressed in black

With eyes glowing green that took me aback

I held my breath as she said to me,

“Welcome to my Halloween party”


I rushed to the big black front door

Which was adorned with even more

Frightening things for my sight

Such as a pumpkin with eyes burning bright


As I stood in front of the daunting entrance

I took a deep breath to fight my resistance

To knock on the door with the lion-headed knocker

But knock I did, and that was a shocker


After a few moments Frankenstein opened

The big creaky door to invite me

Into the creepy old mansion

And I could feel my body tighten with more tension


“Good evening,” he said

I could feel pain building in my head

I nodded to him and fear took hold

As I walked across the door’s threshold


I sauntered inside but in just a few moments

My worry eased as I saw a house full pumpkins

With smiling faces as my friends did greet me

And offer me cake and a glass of iced tea


I saw them at the party, they were all there

My friend Sally was dressed as Cher

And my old boyfriend Stan wore hair

Of green and held in his hand a cold beer


I saw vampires cavorting at a snack table

But these guys weren’t from any fable

They were my friends, Doug, Sam and Rig

And I knew this party would be a great gig


Then I saw Andy and Nancy

They were dressed in costumes fancy

Like Samson and Delilah

Or was it Antony and Cleopatra?


I took in the sights and sounds

Oh my, there were goodies all around

And flashing orange lights hung in windows

Causing cheer and casting shadows


There were even a couple bales of hay

Where upon sat food trays

From a ceiling fan hung a ghost

And dressed in black, there was our host


On the staircase was sitting a scarecrow

That looked pretty creepy but mellow

Then I realized it was my friend, Daisy

Who was tipsy and feeling a lil’ lazy


I reached into a bowl of candy

And got a fright dandy

When a gross hand tried to grab me

Before I could get a treat to eat


As I walked about I saw

A dragon with big claws

Talking to a mermaid

Holding a glass of red Kool-aid


The tables were adorned in holiday

Table cloths in a nice array

Of orange and black

With ghosts and big-eyed cats


A crystal pumpkin dish

Held candy corns delish

And atop a case of books

Sat a real tabby cat named Nooks


Who seemed not to mind strangers in his house

Or the fact that I was dressed as a mouse

The party was just getting started

And around the rooms my eyes still darted


An ice sculpture of a vampire bat

In the middle of a big round table sat

With champagne-punch flowing

Surrounded by candles all glowing


There were sticky spider webs

Hung from walls, rafters and even people’s heads

But yet, no one was filled with dread

All were happy and so laughter spread


Loud and clear jazz music played

And amusement was merrily displayed

So I decided to heck with the ghouls

I’ll stay awhile shoot some pool


As I listened to the not-so spooky jazz

Across the room I saw a devil named Taz

And he laughed as Ken and Barbie

Bobbed for apples hardily


I had a great conversation ‘bout gore and ick

With a fairy who stirred her cider with a cinnamon stick

Then I hung out with a guy named, Dolph

Who was clearly dressed as a big bad wolf


My fears had all diminished

As I mingled with many of the delightfully devilish

And so I became quite curious

There was just no reason to be serious


As the night wore thin and the sun

Threatened our joy and fun

Ghosts, witches, and vampires alike

Along with a biker dude named Spike


Ran off into what was left of the night

Taking with them a guy and his kite,

Casper, Freddie, Attila the Hun

And then there was that very small nun


They went back to their favorite haunts

To climb under covers and get some sleep

And dream of next year’s spooky jaunts

Of course, I’ll be there despite the creeps


‘Cause nothing’s better than a happy Halloween

Full of fun, food, friends, and a few screams

Dressed as a black cat I’ll go next year

And I swear, next time, I’ll show no fear.


Copyright 2010 Wanda S. Paryla