Happy Halloween!

Greetings All!

I haven’t blog posted in so long! I apologize for that. With my mundane job and writing, I haven’t  had a lot of post time. Regardless, I hate that it’s been so long.

I want to wish you a safe and happy Halloween.

And to those who observe, Blessed Samhain.  )O(

Haunted, Poisoned Doughnut

I don’t believe I’ve shared this one previously. After writing this, I wrote a short story based on the same theme called, The Doughnut Murders. It’s a tad over 14,000 words, or I’d post it here on the blog. Of course, if anyone would enjoy reading it, just let me know and I can post it later this week. I figured this is a good Halloween-themed poem.  😉





Oh haunted, poisoned doughnut
You have found me at last.
You first went through all my friends
One by one by one
Until there were none

First you started with dizzy Fizzy
Oh how she was such a thin-lizzy
Prim and proper
And such a show stopper

Next there was business woman, Rita,
Who acted like such a Lolita
With her red stripper heels
And all those scandalous deals

Third there was Rose
Who thought she was so good at writing prose
Turns out it was her husband
Who wrote all those

One by one by one
You poisoned them
Then caught me in the end
I should have known better

Than to eat a doughnut
That appeared out of nowhere
And moved around from here to there
When there was no one else near

It was Vickie
Who killed us
Out of some sort of revenge
Just because we poisoned her

With a doughnut so round
We killed her dead
By a doughnut
Riddled with arsenic

Put up with her
We did
Until we could no longer
Stand her

Though our finicky
Friend Vickie
Did seek out revenge
Testing our strength

Against a doughnut
Sound round
With icing glistening
Sweetly sugared orb so fine

She stole our husbands
Then our boyfriends
Even our children
Seemed her to defend

We got tired of her wicked games
So we poisoned her with a sweet eat
And OMG! It was so neat
When she ate that poisoned doughnut

Then fell head over feet
Onto the floor of my very home
Throw her in a bag did we
And deliver her to a watery new home

But alas did she get her payback
By placing one lone doughnut in a Dunkin Donuts sack
And placing it ‘round the house
When to eat, there was nothing else ‘round about.

Copyright 2014 Wanda S. Paryla