Killer on the Train


Your energy envelops me
Wraps me in ice

A grip I cannot escape
Is of a killer on the train

Bold and egotistical
You’re aware of how I feel

I feel you
I turn to look at you

Your head swivels my way
Your eyes meet mine

How did you know I’d look?
I guess evil has its way

We’re looking directly at one another
Your eyes on mine

You’ve seized me
I cannot move

I will not back down
Cannot hide from you

Are you wondering in the least about how I know?

Our eyes are locked together
Three seconds seem like minutes

I’m studying you
You’re daring me – Don’t stop

Your round eyes
Abysmal and black

Are you afraid? – your eyes challenge
I am not

Not of me?
Not of you

Only the special can see
I see

The train slows
He lets me go

I survived
Because I acknowledged

A killer on the train

Copyright 2014 Wanda Paryla